Greetings from sunny Absalom! We’ve had a pretty busy few weeks between research and following up on a lead that Chiro found while we were handling business with the Pharoh of Fangs. Long story short, the job that grew from this lead paid well and lead me to a ethical quandary that I believe you can help me solve.

Since I’ve arrived in the city, I’ve heard tell of an especially cruel pirate and slaver that goes by the Red Queen. This person has committed murder and enslaved people, including several members of the Black Sails Company if the information I’ve gathered is accurate.

If you agree, I’d like to contract you to assist me in hindering her operations while freeing her prisoners. The broad strokes of the plan would be for me to buy several slaves while disguised, then have you steal the money back with an option to leaving a discouragement to further slavers.

The details will be provided if you agree to this. Enclosed with this message is a token payment for your consideration.

Also, please send any info you’ve managed to find regarding our previous arrangement with your reply, our trip to Andoran has been delayed somewhat.


Agatha Harkness

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