[Written in a poor hand on a piece of plain parchment splattered with a few raindrops, and folded a little hastily.] 

Ryml the Shifty-

How did you know were I was? I am not good at letters or[scratchout] writing. I hop this letter finds you. I think it will if you want it to. 

[scratchout]  Why are you the Shifty? What is a shifty? How did you know my  [scratchout]  armor size?

I am confussed. It is weerd. 

 [scratchout]  [scratchout] apresheeate the armor. Thank you. I hav told you befor that you do NOT  owe me enything. I do not want that. I hav never wanted that at all. 

If you are  [scratchout]  here in the Broken Isles pleese be carful. [scratchout]  [scratchout]  There are a lot of bad things and bad people. But there are a lot of good ones too. We are going to help them. But there are deemons, and one deemon in particlar, that are being VERY dangerous and sneeky and bad. So pleese be careful. 

The flower is verry [scratchout]  pretty. I hav never seen [scratchout]  anything like it befor. I am going to put it in a pot I made from a helmit and see if it will gro. 

PLEESE be carful. It would be better if you could work with the Templars together becus that is safer. One of the deemons [scratchout]  [scratchout]  [scratchout]  [scratchout]  is intrested in me and that could be bad.

You still do not owe me [scratchout]  anything. I do not need anything els. 

It is my shift I must go kill roonhorns now for food. 


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