[The paper folded and sealed with wax, written very shakily, but sharply, ink dug deep into the parchment. There’s droplets of tears or rain, a smudge or two of ink, and a strange sickly smell to it just barely detectable, like old vomit and medicines. It gets significantly more shaky the longer it goes on.]

Shifty Ryml,

I met a [scratchout] pandaren today. Her name was Aya. I sliped and fell off a cliff rescuing a lam and she fixed me up. We had an intresting conversashun. I am not good at writing and I am not calm right now so maybee I shouldn’t be writing but I wanted to get this out of the way before i feel worse because I have been poysined and it is not fun. 

[scratchout] [scratchout] am not happee with you. I am not happee at all. I am sad and upset and hurt. I am not angree. But I am not happee.

I know you do not like the Templars. I know you do not like [scratchout] Esreiella or Blackwald. I know you think you hav been mistreeted by them. They made hasty jujments. They were wrong to try and shoot you. But when I tryed to explan why before you insulted [scratchout][scratchout] them and thretened them. 

I am going to explan now, becus I do not like peeple hearing that I am a Templar and being AFRAD of me. I do not know what you hav sed. I know it was [scratchout] not verry nice. But I do not think we [scratchout] hav deeserved it. I think it is an eesy target for you becus it is close to what you used to do, wich may hav been helpful before, [scratchout] but we are not them. I do not rember them becus of the time I was [scratchout][scratchout][scratchout] a slave and [scratchout] the things that [scratchout][scratchout] Valnov did to me [scratchout] but I hav read some things and we are not them. 

I do not now if maybee it is eeseer for you to think this way than make [scratchout] different choices. I do know that I [scratchout][scratchout][scratchout] think you are better than this and you can do more than this and I thought you were and you are. 

You stole the guildstone. Preeveeusly a Templar being mind controlled used his guildstone to kill a lot of people. Most wer Templars. There were come children he took to hurt us too. He kiddnapped our leeder and hurt her and more children. He made a small civvil war with lots of Templars turning on the others and many died and half of Westgard burned down. 

It was verry bad. So when you stole the guildstone [scratchout] peeple were not okay. That is why you were chasd. They thot you might bee working for him. 

You folowed Esre around. She was hunted before. [scratchout][scratchout] Some people tryd to kill her a lot. She thot you were hunting her for them. She was very scared. You sed you spent your life on the streets. You had to be [scratchout] hunted somtimes too. It is not fun. No body shuld ever have to be hunted like that. Like they are monsters. 

Blackwald is verry much in love with Esre. She is in [scratchout] love with him. They thought the other was ded once. They do not want to lose one another. Blackwald has [scratchout] a temper. But you sed once you would do anything to help the peepl of West Fall. Blackwald wuld do anything to help the peepl he loves too. 

The Templars are not bad peepl. I am sorry you think that. I am sorry you are saying that to other peepl. That is not verry nice or verry fair I think. You seem to think I am an [scratchout][scratchout] exceptin to the Templars being bad peepl. I am not. Nobody here wants to do anything other than what they think will help peepl and stop the bad things that need stopping. They have made that choice and it is important.

I just want to help peeple and fight deemons and [scratchout] make sure the WHOLE WORLD DOES NOT END. 

That is what I want. 

That is what the Templars want. Our choice.

[scratchout][scratchout] I feel verry strange. My eye burns and my hed hurts but the lam is safe. It was only a smal clif. I think I may be sick for some time. I hope this lettr reechs you before then. 

I would like to be frens with you even if you [scratchout] steal things. That is not right no matter how much you think someone deeservs it becus you do not know them and [scratchout] you do not know for ABSOLUT sure who does and who does not. I would[scratchout] like to be frens even if you do these becus I think you need one and I have needed frens too before.

[scratchout][scratchout][scratchout] [scratchout] [scratchout] still like the flower though. I do not know if it is growing. It is hard to tell.

But it makes me verry sad and hurt and unhappy that you think so badly of us. I would like to fix that if I can by doing things to help peepl but I do not know what or how except to keep trying. And it is hard for Templars to do things when you have been saying things bad about us already. 

We are not perfect. But we are trying verry hard to help if we can. 

I am sorry. [scratchout] I hope you are not mad at me. I am not mad at you. 

But I am sad. This makes me sad. I am a Templar. I do not rember Gilneas much. Or home. Or famly. I have thees peepl. I have my frens. You are my fren too. That is all I hav. 

I would like for you to plees not say things like this about the Templars. 

I found this seed. It is pritty. I do not know what it will grow but I have not seen a seed like it. It is for you to repay the flower. 

Also helmits make bad pots becuz they leek all over things so you will need a real pot.


[Enclosed is, in fact, a single, large, unusual looking seed of dubious origin.] 

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