[Carefully written on thick parchment, with perhaps more care than other letters:]

Dear Sielic

Your name is verry hard to spell. I spelled it Silek for the first cupl of times. [scratchout] I am not good at spelling or writing. But the JUSTICAR says I need praktis. Like wepons. You must do it to get better at it. 

I also deesided maybe you would like some companee. I do not want you to be lonlee. Being lonlee is hard. 

Pandaria is verry pritty. There are pritty pink trees all a round and they are ALL pink. There are many of them and they smell nice and they are all [scratchout] very very pritty and pink and flowers. It is green and warm and peesful there. The munks and the JUSTICAR and Kory are helping me lern pol arm things and things with my WOLF. 

There are diffrent animals too. Like TIGERS. TIGERS are also pritty but they will kill you and [scratchout] eat you. And PORKEEPINES. They are small and spikee. 

I am hopping your gards will let you have the seeds and litl pot I have sent you. They are from the pritty pink trees. I think you can grow them. 


Plees take care of yorself. I hope you are doing okay. 


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