[The handwriting is marginally improved, this time around, as is the spelling, but it still needs work. However, it’s clear someone has been practicing.]


I am sorry I have not written agen to you. It has been very busy and the demon has been very [scratchout][scratchout][scratchout] annoying and making lots of problems and hurting people. Still I should have written sooner and I apolgize.

I have a garden now. [scratchout][scratchout] I like my garden very much. I think Kory will be pleesed with me becus I have a hobby even if I think practice counts becus I like practice. I have sent you another plant. It is a vrykul erb that I can not spell very well but it is sed like FEEYARNSKAGEL. I am growing it and some flowers seeds I got on sale in the city and my sakura tree and the blue silver rose. [scratchout] How is your little pink tree? Is it growing? 

I hope you are safe and have been doing better [scratchout] and feeling better about yourself and things. I hope the demon has been leeving you alone. 

I hav taken up using a speer some times too not just [scratchout] my sword and sheeld. It has a blade on both sides. I am still lerning with it but I like how it lets me stab big things very deep and how I can whirl it around and kill lots of things around me very fast, [scratchout] even if they are not close to me. That is handy. I am looking forward to maybe testing it when we spar. I would like that maybe if you still want to. 

I am working on my respecting things but it is hard. It takes a lot of work sometimes. [scratchout] But I am trying. 

The merchents had candee on sale yesterday and so I got sum becus candee is nice. I have sent some for you. I do not know if you like candee but I ate too much alredy and felt kind of sick so I will not eet any more. 

Pleese be safe and well. 


[Enclosed is a surprisingly full bad of assorted candy, and a tiny, just-barely-sprouted fjarnskaggl seedling in what was probably a mug of some sort for hot drinks before the handle got broken off, and now it serves as a pot.]

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