A worgen witch disaster.



I studied the rune again and I have a solution. I also remembered some of the things I learned from C—-, so I hope that this helps.


We called them “spider runes.” Not that they’re shaped like spiders (I mean, they kind of are spindly and stuff, but most runes are), but because they can travel long distances in search of “prey.” Like I said before, there are probably a lot of them out there, seeking whatever they were told to find. I have a theory as to how they can find you and how they could find the others!


You’re a druid, right? Sometimes I forget because you’re so… mechanical. But druids are also imbued with magic, but your magic is very, very different from fel magic. So that’s why the runes must physically travel over places you have been, like a blood hound on a scent. Your magic is more difficult for them to tune into, if that makes sense.


I think that Miss Robin would be the same. She’s not a druid, is she? But she used her healing magic on me and it was difficult from anything I’ve experienced. It came from a different source… something light but not the Light. So I think that if the runes are coming after her, they’d have to resort to the same technique: follow her where she’s been.


This makes me worried about Miss Kage and Miss Rann. Arcane and fel magic are like hateful siblings and these runes could easily tap into whatever passive spells, bound elementals, or other arcane things about them and follow them easily. Please pass on my warning to them and to keep an eye out!


Oh, speaking of an eye (and perhaps I should have wrote this first), I created a counter-rune to C—-’s spider runes. This one is designed to seek out a seeker, so to speak. It should help alert you to any nearby runes so we can continue with our plan of collecting them!


I hope all this helps. I feel like I rambled a lot, but… please be safe! Everyone!

– Ella

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