[The beginning is a large amount of scratch-outs.]

Dear [scratchout]Justicar [scratchout]Arialynn [scratchout scratchout]Mom [scratchout]Moms [scratchout]

Koryander and Arialynn, 

I am verry sorry I did not tell you this thing. I did not know it was very important but it is very important and I am sorry. I do not rember having [scratchout]parents[scratchout] people like you two who care verry deeply and are mintor figures and people I also care about verry deeply. You are also verry busy all the time and fighting and recovring from fights and desining armors and running the Templars of the Rose and there was also the war after the Legion, not just he demons to worry about. I should have made more of an effort to include you in things I was doing and keep touch. I want you to not have to worry about me as well as every thing else in all the Templars but I think this was dumb and Petal also agrees. 

I did not tell Aunne but not tell you on purpose. She just sort of guessed the one time. 

Petal also says she is very sorry for throwing rottin [scratchout]tomtamos[scratchout] tomatoes at you when you first met. She was verry angry at the Templars because Blackwald stole something from the Temple of a Thousand Steps which is where they were from and they wanted it back and kept trying to get it and I kept defending the Templars. She and her sister came around evenshully which you know because now they are Templars. I met her first when I was helping the sheperds in . I fell down chasing a baby sheep and she saw me. We were never really enemies or anything even then. When I found out she had to get her thing back to go back home to the Temple, because that was her mission and she didn’t want to go back without it, I promised to help her get home because I had a home in the Templars and Northrend and I knew how important homes were to have. And also family because I missed my brother badly but I had more family now in the Templars. 

Petal says she liked me like romantic style from about then on. She used to call me her Knight. She still does but now she also kisses me when she does and she calls me xinai. I sort of liked that idea of being a Knight even before I thought of her that way. I was happy to have a friend and make sure the Templars were known for good things not bad and fix something I found wrong. The piller of RESPECT was the one that taught that you had to look past things that seperate you from enemies and conduct yourself with honor. I still have trouble with this sometimes with undead but I am better and trying. It has been difficult with the war. 

After I was taken by the demons and they made me be the wolf and the Templars had to beat me down she came and sat with me till I was better. She made the ceeling of the infirmry look like stars when I said I missed Northrend and the lights in the sky there. I became closer to her after. And we did a lot together. She helped in camp to make the tents asid proof and she helped me figure out how to use my big sword. She said it was a blade dancer sword and she showed me the first form and took me to meet her Uncle, a blade dancer, who taught me some. He is older but very kind and mysterious and he is the head of the Temple of a Thousand Steps and it was also when I fulfiled my promised to take her home. I wanted to improve to fight bigger things because demons were so big and I am also big and the sword was big. I like him some. I gave her a book made of stars I found in the same place I found the sword and she loved it a lot. It also helped me practice the meditating you taught me and also my writing though spelling is still hard forever and to be less nervous all the time forever. I am still working on this. 

She helped me do research on the sword and what it was and that is when I had the funny vison I told Kory about and that is why the sword won’t leave and needs to be used and I think maybe protects me from old god things. 

Then we fought together a lot in Legion, because I can hit things first then Petal hits them with magic and things die. She is an arcane mage but a chi mage so her power comes from her own self and not the outside or the lee line things. She is not as good at fire or frost and the Kirin Tor have told her they do not want her but that just makes the Kirin Tor very stupid. She does not think much of her magic which is very silly because she can do things with time and it is very great. 

It was at the end of Legion when the demons invaded the Temple and all the Templars came to stop it that she told me she liked me that way and I realized I might feel the same. 

She made portals until she passed out when Teldrassil burned. Then she made food for the survivors until she passed out again and then I told her she was not allowed to do that anymore. She makes sure I do not fight too much and makes sure I can avoid battles with Forsaken if I need to because they… the Wolf [scratchout]does not like it[scratchout] likes it too much and it makes me jumpy after and have bad dreams. 

The things with the old gods have been very hard for her because she was haunted by whispers for a long time and nightmares and she couldn’t talk about it because it made her choke. But we have fixed that. 

She has a pet bee named Hachi. Her sister Kun is a paladin now and works for Etsiyona in the Templars. She cant cook and has set fire to the tent three times trying which is very sweet because one time she was trying to bring me breakfast in bed. But she can make the ceeling of the temple look like any night sky I want, whenever I ask, and it makes me feel less sad when I think on things being like they are sometimes. She is never scared of me even when I was bad after the demons got me. 

Recently we have been fighting in Pandaria because of the Temple being not too far from the Vale and that is very bad. I think the Wolf and the sword together help protect me from the mind things like the Wolf helped with the demons. 

I am sorry you did not know. I should have thought to tell you more specificly. You take on a lot of problems and  work with the healers. I see you looking tired. Then you also have other people’s problems to worry about. Kory has been making armor to protect us all and fighting like a dervish and then falling asleep on her anvil. I sort of thought people knew though Petal and I have been sort of quiet about it because it is sort of a quiet change of things even if it is important to me. It has been kind of easy in some ways and difficult in others. I [scratchout very deep and hard, unreadable] should have told you both because you are my mentors and very dear to me in many ways and the Templars are my family. Petal says family is not depending on blood. I am not good with it because I don’t remember things only bits but she is right.

Petal is the smart one of both of us. 

Petal suggested this and it is a good idea. I would like to invite you to dinner to eat with Petal and me at the Temple of a Thousand Steps in Pandaria when you have time. Uncle says its okay and he has a room for it. The tent is too small for four people so it can’t be in the tent and also Petal’s books and my armor and my bonsai and my other plants take up space. I will not be letting Petal cook so we will be able to eat the food. 

Please let me know when is okay for you. Petal can take us there and back because Petal is magic and can make portals. 

I am verry sorry to have taken you off guard like that. Petal is very sorry about the tomatoes and also that she smelled like horse. 


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  • April 10, 2020 at 12:40 am
    The "You" refers to the Imperial Fight Mom You. :D
  • April 10, 2020 at 7:51 am
    I can't stress how important it is that Petal isn't cooking. 😁

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