The steps sounded lightly over the ever-present hum that is the engine that powered the Vindicar. Captain Fareeya turned to see who it was approaching her. Looking down from the console she attended, she considered the man, and nodded.

“Grand Marshal Acele, it is good that you are here. I must admit that I did not expect you to ask this of us, to become Lightforged. But times change, and the things that we are seeing on the horizon may make this a necessary exception.” Stepping down the stairs to face him fully she asked, “Have you chosen a second? You must have one, for what lays within your trial will destroy you utterly without.”

Acele opened his mouth to speak but was interrupted by a deep draenic voice from behind him. “I will second, Captain Fareeya.” The male draenei moved forward, striding confidently; almost arrogant in his gait.

“Aa’jete, this is yet another suprise. When the matter of this human came before us, you were adamant in your objections. Is it that you have realized the truth of the Light and are here to usher in another to becoming Lightforged?” Fareeya spoke calmly, but her eyes widened slightly to express her suprise.

Raising himself straight, he looked down at Acele with barely disguised scorn, who looked back at him without any concern. “I am steadfast in my conviction, Captain Fareeya. I have raised my objections time and again, yet you are still willing to let this human begin the trial.” Breaking his gaze upon Acele he looks at Fareeya. “But I submit to the truth that the Light will reveal the reasons why in time. Yes I will second him.”

Acele responded with a calm tone. “Perhaps I should choose for myself, since Aa’jete here,” speaking the name properly and earning a slight nod of praise from Fareeya, “may not be the best second he could be. After all, he was opposed to me even coming here.”

The solidly built draenei’s face flushed scarlet. “How dare you insinuate that I would attempt to sabotage the –“

“That will not be necessary, Acele. Aa’jete knows well the consequences of a failed trial. It means death for not only himself, but his charge,” Fareeya broke in smoothly, quieting Aa’jete’s outrage. She looked at him sternly. “And he also knows that the trial is *always* observed by one who holds a rank within the Lightforged. He will be your second, Acele.”

Captain Fareeya gestured to the ornately engraved golden circle in the center of the floor near them. “Let the trial begin, then. Light be with you both.”

They stood facing each other inside the circle. A moment of stillness, then a blindingly-white column of light shone down on them both for a moment, and faded. Aa’jete blinked, then fell to his knees and onto his face, the color from his eyes fading to black. Falling to his knees as well, Acele held his hands out looking at them in suprise. He looked up at Fareeya as the Light flowed through him. His eyes glowed solid gold, and …. crumbled into ashes, leaving a tiny glowing golden spark of light.

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