((Hope to make a series of these where it will cover what parts of Sinual’s past she struggles with that affect her choices.))

Sinual finds herself wandering around Silvermoon City, remembering what it was like when she was growing up. She walks passed where her home was�it has since been taken by a new family. She never wanted to live there again, it was better that way. Every time she walks by, she can almost see her parents� faces waiting at the door.

Sinual lets out a sigh, �Why do I keep doing this?� She continues on further through the city.

She often wonders if her parents survived the initial attack. If they had escaped, then wouldn�t they have returned by now�it was just wishful thinking. What worries her the most is that they could be out there as Forsaken somewhere avoiding her so she doesn�t see what they have become. Even worse sometimes she fears they were forced into the service of The Scourge.

The attack claimed many of her people, it would be a miracle to expect her parents to survive. They were both soldiers in one way or another. But that isn�t what truly bothers her�she could at least live with knowing she had fought alongside her parents. Sinual will never forgive herself for not being there, not fighting with her people. Maybe she could have saved at least her own family.

Sinual shakes her head. �It�s best to just move on and hope that they aren�t suffering somewhere.� She starts to head towards training grounds for new paladins in Silvermoon.

It makes her happy to know that they are true paladins once again, no longer the abomination they had become for a time. Blood Knight no longer had to be a hated term. Sinual never rejoined that order, focusing on her role in the Argent Dawn. None the less she was still glad to see her people had restored their faith.

Sinual eventually found herself looking down on the �The Dead Scar,� a lingering reminder of when the light faded from this land. It brings back a lot of the pain and the shattering of her own faith. But it also reminded her that sometimes you have to break down to get to your full potential. Since then Sinual has grown strong and her talents have become honed. She remembers that this can go the other direction just as easily. Some who break never come back; Prince Kael�thas was a prime example.

�Well, I think that�s enough reminiscing, if you can call it that.� She shrugs and heads off out of the city. �I remember why I tried to avoid coming here.� It always ends up being more pain that it�s worth.

Sinual wouldn�t stay long in Silvermoon and soon she would find herself heading back to Hearthglen, focusing on her work and pushing her past back where it belongs. Maybe someday Silvermoon will feel in the very least like a second home. For now, she would focus on threats to Azeroth and keeping her people safe.

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