A worgen witch disaster.

OOC: Part of the Mirror, Mirror storyline, immediately following the events from Sunday's Broken Mirror event. This follows "Ella," or the Idella who was taken to Shattrath by Templars following "Ida's" disappearance.


Ella's fingers knit into the fabric of her robe as her teeth bit into her lip. It was an awful nervous habit, but she couldn't stop fidgeting. Though Shattrath was an accommodating place — as accommodating as any refugee city could be — she felt out of place, like a root jutting from the ground.


The Templar guildstone occasionally buzzed with recent news from her comrades. She eagerly waited for more updates but found each wait between reports long and agonizing. Her heart beat was tied to the uttered tidings of the stone and good or ill, news made her heart painfully leap and thud against her chest. She felt like it was going to burst.


I'm so sorry, she said to herself again and again, biting her lip deeper. Surely she was drawing blood by now. Every thud in her chest brought along a fresh pang of guilt. It became hard to breathe and it struck Ella that Draenor air suddenly felt alien, unfamiliar in her lungs. She tried to dismiss the thought as nonsense, but stories of Outland tantalized all her fears and wouldn't let the nagging thought fade away.


Her eyes darting about, Ella rose from her chair and slipped out the door, eager for air and perhaps a distraction. 

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