me deareSt ma best In da woRld-

what a rIpper this was- these Templars seemed to piss off a faNcy assassin! They know hEr name is theo an we fiGgeRed out she likes teA, Traps, hurting pEople anD loves pets.

needless to say me first big outting involved me gettin me leg trapped WIff a gianT bear trap. wouldda been cHopped clean off if iT wasnt for the justicar lady in chargE. th Marksman fella an his dark iron guide led us there but were so busy lookin for tracks they missed half the traPs!

so now im in th infurrmary gettin heaLed up tryin not to be bored so im writin yA. hope yeR well an the reSt of the shitefaces Are takin care of ya. me handWritin is A faIr bit beTter aINt it?

inclooded in this lettre is me first pay- less than id hoped but bettern the guard innit?

stay stronG an keep the rest Of me sibs outta tRubble speshully Dat ERretatin Sis o mine.


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