Another year has passed. So many notable events have happened.

The burning of Teldrassil by the Horde’s warchief.

Our king’s pardon and release of Saurfang, one of the Horde’s most elite warriors.

The seige of Lordaeron, which resulted in the entire surface of the city being uninhabitable for generations to come.

The addition of the Kul Tirans and their navy into the Alliance.

The Zandalari trolls folded into the Horde’s ranks.

A new campaign of aggression by the Naga, led by none other than Queen Aszhara herself.

And now, signs of yet another Old God is stirring.

Leitha, our adopted daughter, continues to collect awards and honors for her progress in training. Her tutors say that her potential seems to be limitless. I don’t think they need to tell Seella and I that though, for we already knew.

Datalya, our firstborn. She continues to show a rebellious streak; yet when she gives me that winning smile of hers I cannot stay angry at her, nor can Seella.

Wilks, my son. Seella tells me of how he learned to walk and is now constantly under-hoof. My deepest regret is that I was not there to witness his first steps.

All these things beautiful and horrifying, will forever be remembered. Set down in history for those beyond us to peruse and hopefully, learn. I can’t help but wonder what the generation after, and the one beyond that, will think of us and how we did things. Will they consider us to be madmen, driven only by base concepts and emotions? Or will they think us of something else entirely? Will there even be an Alliance or Horde then?

I have never given serious thought to living beyond the years to which my kind has. But knowing that I may never see Datalya or possibly Wilks grow into an adult due to my advanced age, and that Seella would be alone during those years, and for centuries more; I must reconsider. I will open talks with the Lightforged and learn more about the the process. Perhaps this will provide a solution.

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