This may be the last journal entry I write down.

After a lengthy discussion with the Lightforged, they have agreed to have me undergo their trials. One of their main objections is that I am not one of their race, a draenei. Also the subject of my advanced age was brought up. If I am successful, and if I survive, I will become something greater. I will live long enough to see my work completed, and Light willing, see my children grow into adulthood and start their own families. Is that a selfish act? I say no, but I am unsure.

The Lightforged can be rather rigid and militaristic at times. I believe it is because when you have been fighting a foe for millenia that is singularly focused on wiping your race from existence, you tend to have seen, heard, and experienced just about everything that they can and will do to accomplish this task. On that, I think I will fit in rather well; seeing as almost all I’ve known in my life is war and conflicts.

Elli was quite upset when she learned that I would be undertaking this process, claiming that if I did not survive she would kill everyone involved and plant my soul into a seed; and then plant it into another body if she could.

Seella is also worried for two reasons. One, that I may not survive the ordeal and leave her to raise our children alone; two, that becoming a Lightforged would change who I am into something else.

The Templars of the Rose have become like family to me as well. I helped them recover from the loss of Theramore, providing them with a base of operations in Icecrown. In return, they accepted me as one of their own in time. The Black Watch in particular, as we have bonds that are forged in battle and tested through the years. I wonder if they will accept me back, if successful?

It is terrifying to me, to not be sure of the outcome. All my life I have prepared for eventualities, plans upon plans. Contingency plans. I do not have one beyond this for myself; simply because of the possibility of failure. But this is necessary. There are rumblings on the horizon; whispers in the still of the night. Something is coming to threaten Azeroth yet again, and I must be ready. This *must* work, the time for half measures have passed.

I have put my affairs in order though, should the unthinkable happen. A new GM will be appointed, and things will go on as they have been. Seella will recieve a monthly stipend from the Alliance Military for the rest of her days to aid in the raising of our children. Their education and training in whatever they choose to pursue will be paid for of course.

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