When she gets back home, Kun-Yi finds something very, very interesting on her bed: a bunch of assorted herbs native to Stormheim, and a note. 

Hey Cutie-Yi

Hanging out was fun. We should do it again. Don’t feel bad about the rejection, mood was all wrong for it anyways. I’m a romantic motherfucker so I got you flowers, in case you were that type. But fucking Stormheim, and there aren’t any flowers around. So instead I got you these. 

PS: Recipe for poison and a little bottle of “fun” using these on the back. 

PSS: My tattoos are way better than Zee’s. Just saying. 



On the back is a handwritten recipe indeed for a potent nerve toxin, using the plants included, and a second much the same with different amounts that appeared to be… an aphrodisiac.

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