Somewhere, Out In The In-Between

Kopaali went over her packed items one more time. Crystals jangled against the dark leather and bone pack as the Draenei rustled through it. The majority of what she’d take was, of course, a small rainbow of crystalized anima from all over the Shadowlands. No need for food or water, since she was dead. Some changes of clothes, sure. Some artificing tools and spellcasting foci were tucked in there as well; adding a sizable amount of weight to the Maldraxxian-made satchel.


“Do you really need to head to Oribos? We can just hide here, wait for this whole thing to blow over-” A small golem, with a dark green crystal body and bone limbs scuttled across the mage tower towards the Draenei. Kopaali held up a prosthetic hand, attached to an armof much the same make; silencing the golem.


“Kopaali has to go. The Templars are here. In the Shadowlands.” She held out her guildstone, the rune glowing a soft, light blue, “The Templars… They can fix the drought. Fix the machinery of death. Kopaali knows. And so, Kopaali is going to Oribos.”


The golem shook its entire body ‘no’, which was quite a feat for something with no head, “If they’re here in the Shadowlands, doesn’t that mean they’re… Y’know, like you?”


“Dead? No, no. You see, all souls is going into the Maw; and if they were in the Maw, well, they would not be in enough pieces to have guildstone. So they must be in Oribos, yes?”


Slinging the heavy pack over her shoulders, the Draenei extended her prosthetic, which began to glow that murky, Maldraxxian green. A few incantations later, and a portal to Oribos stood in the middle of the Artificer’s Mage Tower.


“Watch the place for Kopaali, okay? I will be back soon!”


And with that, she stepped into the portal and was gone.



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