A worgen witch disaster.

Idella bit her lip in concentration as she delicately pinched the dropper between her fingers. A single drop squeezed from the pipe and plunked into her brewing vat. Smoke swirled and the vat bubbled till it took on a smoldering purple color. Smiling, Idella rubbed her hands together and declared: "Done!"

Now came the tricky part. Biting her lip again, she poured a sample into a vial and inspected it. The concoction seemed correct: its color was pure, its clarity clear, its viscosity as expected. As her fifth try, Idella was sure she got this particular experiment right.

"A portable mirror potion," she mused to herself, swirling the contents of the vial in slow, circular swishes. "Perfect for anyone who can't perform their own mirror image spell. Handy in a pinch, or good for fixing your hair when no mirror can be found!" She paused, as if silently repeating her aloud musings in her head and finding them to her liking, then she bent to quick jot down a few lines of a sales pitch.

"Now time for trials," she said. Bracing herself, she gulped down the potion. At first, nothing seemed to happen, then with a whoosh, a mirror image of herself appeared.

"Perfect!" Idella clapped her hands together. Her mirror image, of course, did the same but in reverse.

But then her mirror image did a little bit more. "I did it!" the mirror image added excitedly.

Both the original and mirror stopped and stared at each other. As Idella lifted one hand, her mirror image didn't lift hers. One put a hand on her mouth, the other one bit her lip.

"Oops," they said together.

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