Laughter drifted throughout Star’s home. Food was piled on tables, mostly pies. Robin couldn’t think about portals or orcs, or anything like that. She was surrounded by family. This was the going-away party for both herself, and Auris Rainewind, the druid whom had adopted Ciera into her family. The two were close as sisters.


Sparkle and Wolfy were gathered in the corner, looking at something Auris’ youngest daughter was doing with a flowerpot. She still hadn’t decided if druids were like mages or not. The children burst into laughter at something the reserved male elf said. Robin didn’t know his name. She just knew he was Auris’ oldest.


Auris and Star were toasting each other, wine glass clinking against a wholesome serving of milk. “FOR GNOMEREGAN! FOR DARNASSUS! FOR…FOR…”


Star sighed. “FOR PIE!”


Auris laughed softly. She was joined shortly by Relina, Robin’s stepmother. “I may get to spend more time with my daughter without you around, Miss Rainewind, but I’d rather you and Robin not go.”


“Now is the time to celebrate and enjoy life, Relina. We’ve no need of titles or formalities tonight. No need for grieving. You and Robin both! Have some food, some drink! Dance and sing. Fel, Star, shoot off some fireworks. Right here! Yes! You heard me!”


Star grinned and ran upstairs.


Robin blinked. She’d never seen the druid so relaxed. Never even seen her having fun. She approached the table and put a slice of pie on an empty plate. “Good point!”


Small fireworks and lights exploded in the house. Somehow nothing caught on fire. Probably due to magic. Robin didn’t even care, for once. Auris and Robin took turns singing drinking and dancing songs. The children were very enthusiastic.


There was no portal. No war. No fear. Just the Gyroshock-Rainewind family dancing and singing together. 

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