Dear Mum,

I know I promised to write but a LOT of things have happened. So, so many. For your first question: yes, that is a thousand gold in that bag. I’ve come into a lot lately and honestly I have no use for it as a monk and I thought I would send you some. Let me know if you need more, ok? 

How’s Da’s limp? Is Tram still pining over that girl? How’s the potion business? 

I am learning so much. I have traveled across the breadth of Osirion and beyond, and now we are headed to Absolom and northern still, to Varisia and possibly more places. I’ve seen the sun set over a bridge fifteen MILES long and met being of myth and legend and seen the inside of the Ruby Prince’s court. (Incidentally, he’s actually very nice.) I have learned so much, chiefly that I have so much yet still to learn, but I can feel myself getting stronger and better day by day. I don’t even have time in this letter to go into it all, but I am having the best adventure I could have asked for. It’s hard, sometimes; the world is meant for big folk, and I am small. But I am keeping good company, a few others I met; we teamed up for a job to take down a ring of slavers (which we totally did) and have stayed together ever since. 

Agatha is an Andorran gunslinger. Of all our company, I feel closest to her, though she (and to be honest all the rest) doesn’t really understand my monastic lifestyle. She still respects it though, and I her, highly. She can be brash and crude, but her sense of justice is very strong and she has never failed to support me or us. She really, really, really likes guns.

Lini is a summoner of extraordinary talent. She’s also a gnome, so it’s nice to not be the only small one in the group! Though she’s quiet, I feel like she is probably the smartest out of all of us, and I would NOT want to fight her in the slightest. This is not only because she can throw one hell of a snowball, but because her eidolon, Mr. Squiggles, is a dapper flying snake who will absolutely wreck you while keeping his top hat perfectly placed on his head. 

Emi is possibly the strangest. Our ideas clash, at times- she can be very diplomatic… and then very NOT diplomatic, at ALL. Of all the party, I think she understands monkhood the least. But she came through for me when I needed her to, and she can turn metal into works of art better than anything the clan can do, and I admire her faith in her god, Abadar. She can also be exceedingly kind and generous. She’s a kitsune from the very Far East, traveling to collect stories- that’s a kitsune thing, I guess. Not only that, but she has saved my life more times than I can count with her healing, and she is almost as stubborn as I am. 

I don’t know when I will be able to write again. It will be sporadic, at best, as we are going far afield into the world. But I will try to be in contact more often. 

All my best to the family and Burrowtown. Buy yourself something nice with the money! 



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