Dear Grand Master Shao, 

Hello! I hope this letter finds you well, and that I’m not being presumptive in writing it or anything. However, some events have happened that I thought you should be aware of. I’m currently low on paper and ink so I will try to make it quick, but I met (through a series of events that involved people from another world and a pocket dimension and a cursed wish and maybe the avatar of the remnants of a god) a young man recently I thought you should know about. 

His name is Ming Chao. He’s a dhampir, a half vampire, specifically the kind you are familiar with. Which is interesting- I didn’t know vampires could have children. I don’t think it’s a happy family relationship but that’s moot now cause he’s stuck here on our world, not his, but still. He’s a magus and uses a nine ring sword in combat as well as this spell that let him grow like fifteen feet tall and sprout four more arms, which was SUPER impressive. Currently he’s in Absalom, staying with his friends, Arthur and Coira. Coira is a changeling we rescued from said pocket dimension, and she sort of brought back her friends from the dead while she had kinda-god-powers there, and when we broke the curse they came with us. They’re doing just fine, they came into a lot of money… but I wanted you to know he existed- and was a good person. He risked his life against the Avatar, ready to go toe to toe with him and hold him off while we got Coira to the altar to undo the cursed wish. 

I just… kind of thought you should know. I can’t relate to some of the difficulties you may have, but he might can. Or even vice versa, honestly. He has Coira and Arthur but that’s it in a whole new world. If this is none of my beeswax again, I respect that, and I’ll butt out if you want me to. I haven’t mentioned you to him except in passing, very generally as someone I know, so no harm done either way. 

In other, less important news. I am getting stronger every day- I got my second seal from Master Syzoth! It was close and VERY intense, and could have gone badly for me if I had been just a hair slower. He said I wouldn’t be able to brute force the third test, though, so I am working hard to practice the abundant step technique as well as this one I invented that involves manifesting my chi as bolts of fiery energy and shooting them at people if I can’t punch them. 

We are all currently in Absalom. I looked to see if there were any Houses of Perfection students here, just for my own curiosity, but didn’t find any. Have they bothered you any more? We are taking a well earned break for a while before we go off adventuring again. I may go look at some of those ruins similar to the one I investigated there by the Temple. Could be interesting!

I have included a few coconuts for you as a souvenir- they’re very tasty! I hope they survive the trip north. I don’t know where the school there is of course but I asked Master Gouken to forward this to you so you would get it. 

Pursuing my own perfection,


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