Hello, Melda! I hope this letter finds you well. 

I am not well, honestly. First, the trip here was three weeks. By boat. I think I was seasick the entire time. The good news is, I am now capable of fighting even while throwing up. The bad news is… I threw up a LOT. 

Do you have any cures, at all, for seasickness? Please? We still have to go back the same way. I would survive, but I… am NOT looking forward to it. And there’s a difference between ascetic and stupidity. 

In addition to that, I was duped into trying semi-psychadelic dwarven grog. I, sadly, now have a point of reference for the term “hung over”. I have sent you a cask. You would enjoy it. Do you have any cures for hang-overs? 

We are at the city of Alkenstar, which frankly is an engineering marvel. We traveled on a bridge 22 miles long and 150 feet wide; it was the most amazing man made structure I have seen thusfar, though we haven’t actually gone into the city yet. 

How are you? I hope you’re not lonely over there. Chances are you’re probably elbow deep in some alchemy thing that’s highly explosive, hahaha. I think you would like the proprietor of the inn we’re staying in, the Shady Lady, though I’m not sure he’s trustworthy. 

I don’t know if you’re going to reply back. If not, that’s ok. I just didn’t want you to feel forgotten, and I enjoy writing letters. Tell Drun I said hi and high five! 


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  • vendon
    February 25, 2018 at 2:02 pm
    The next time Chiro gets on a Blacksails ship, the following letter is waiting. Dear mouse girl, Thank you for confirming my theory! I was curious if any of you would get sea sick. I do have a recipie for Stillgut and Alchemist's Kindness, however you are very far away and unfortunately cant buy it from me. You will just have to buy it when you come back! If you are in a pinch, just ask the barkeep for a Prairie Oyster. Don't sip, just guzzle the whole thing down. I -am- in fact quite lonely! The old human doesn't like me undercutting him in his own camp and the half orc only speaks to me when hes "off the clock." When I offered him a breeding contract he soundly refused! Even though our offspring would most likely be very impressive in both physical and mental ability! Very few if any potential mates come through this dive, and the old fart doesn't want me "distracting" his "crew" with my "advances." Ive thought about visiting Sothis to look for more customers and men, but I remember the deal I made with fox girl. (Armie? L-mie? something-ie.) Going into Sothis could result in several cases of arson. (Gnolls) As for the dwarf and his bar... you really need to exercise some more common sense. A -dwarf- owns a bar, in a -human- city, and named his bar -THE SHADY LADY- With love, Melda P.S. Get me a souvenir. I want something to hang off my earring.

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