To all those who bear the Fateshifter name.

It�s rare I take time to write these days and given the threat we now face I fear I may not have an opportunity to do so in the future.  I take time now to write this message for my wife, my children and all future Fateshifters.  

We are in the first days of what might be Azeroth�s most desperate fight ever.  The Legion is here, and they are here in force.  They�ve invaded before, at least five times and we�ve beat them back each time.  Things are different now, before they were coming through bottlenecks, we pushed them back by cutting off their entrance.  We may not be able to this time.      

I�ve come face to face with consequences of failing to save this world, I�ve seen the sacrifices that will be made, the prices that will be paid, the precious things that will be lost.  

I�ve come face to face to a man who was my son, and was forced to become something he shouldn�t be.  He had no choice, it was his only means to fight the Legion.

I�ve come face to face with myself, the kind of man I used to be, that I had to fight to stop being.  

I�ve seen our world consumed by the green fire… burning down to it�s very core.

This is my pledge to all Fateshifters.

I will do everything in my power to prevent the future I�ve seen.  I will do everything I can to give you a world worth living in.  I, my friends, our allies we will oppose the Legion in any way shape and form we can.  No matter the cost I will fight.  

I may not succeed, it may fall on to you the future members of our clan to finish the battle.  I know if you need to fight you will do so to the best of your ability.  

Always remember: It�s not weapons, bombs, or gadgets that win fights.  It�s courage, it�s wisdom, and the will to try anything no matter how batshit crazy� that is how a Fateshifter can win the day.

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