Oh, this is beautiful. The bushes near the well in the Mage District were tended well enough, but not trimmed down too far for someone small to hide behind. Of course, magic helped, too. Ceera had even removed her pointy witch-hat for the occasion.


The high-elven girl was a wonderful specimen. Robin was making powerful allies, but they could have their uses. Ceera was careful to keep her own intrusion barely on the borderline of this little scene, but she could see clearly. The child’s mana-flows were bright as day and Robin’s own will-power, her chi, was just as intriguing.


Now, let’s see, Robin. Show me the power that kept you alive, that kept you sane.




Robin was focused, her bandaged hands were grasping the mage girl’s, though, Kage's were bound at the wrist where the cuffs had been placed. It was all so wrong. She could see the flow of mana within the girl, it was so natural there. It belonged.


For once, Robin didn’t feel afraid to see raw magic. It was more like a puzzle. The lines twisting and spreading past the points they belonged. Kage referred to it as healing, but Robin wasn’t a healer. She was an engineer and a windwalker. The engineering side was useful in this situation. The wires were out of place. All she had to do was exert enough of her own energy to put them back.


Some small lines snapped into place, herded by her chi. It didn’t hurt. Maybe some tingling. Kage said it didn’t hurt.


A larger portion reluctantly rejoined its correct flow. She was getting a little tired. The elf’s face showed some distress. The girl could take more, but…Robin looked to the bandages on her wrist…she’d already had more. She let her small hands fall from Kage’s.


“We can try more later.”




Come on…show me what makes you dangerous…come on…dammit. Ceera sighed into her gloves so the two wouldn’t hear. She watched them exchange pleasantries and depart. When the clearing was empty she stepped out of the bushes and pulled a piece of parchment from the air. She marked a spot on the paper with a quill and shook her head.


“I’m getting tired of waiting for them to do what I want.” The list dissolved in flames and as Ceera took a step forward she also vanished.



Robin didn’t stop walking until she was in her room again. She closed the door and headed to her journal to write down the events of the day:


I helped Kageseji Hopesong fix the flow of her damaged mana pathways by using my own chi to cut off its incorrect paths. This forced some of the flow back onto the correct course. But more than one go will be required to correct it all–


The pen slid off the page and Robin tilted her head. “What…did I just do?” She stared at the words on the page. It didn’t make sense. She’d helped a mage regain usage of some magic, she’d demonstrated definite chi control, and though she didn’t understand why she’d just helped a mage it didn’t matter as much as not knowing how she’d done it.


Robin frowned and shrugged. She scribbled a few very important words in the book to alleviate her anxiety:


I’m not strong. I’m not weak. I’m perfectly adequate.


She smiled a bit and closed the book. It wasn’t like she’d done much anyway. It’d only been a few pieces of the girl’s mana flow. Nothing major. Perfectly adequate. Nothing more and nothing less.

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