The dim light of the moon shone over Moonglade, cutting through the leaves and shimmering onto the lake below. The trees were still as not a single sign of any sort of wind showed itself this night. Moonglade was almost terribly silent, as though not a single life stirred through the glade.

Kanta Wildsabre sat at the water's edge, thoughts plaguing his mind almost every moment of the last few weeks. He had remembered the discussion Anarial and him had, but the nightmares of the worst possible outcomes planted themselves around his mind.

Kanta was unsure about most these days, feeling like he was in a cloud. He had asked his daughter, Yasu, to take care of Alecks and Alumni in the meantime while Anarial and Kanta were sorting through this dilemma of Bairne. He did not want them to find out that something was wrong with their mother.

He did not wish them to suspect anything of what may be going on, he was scared that they would be hurt by Anarial being gone all hours of the day and night, only stopping in for what seemed like mere minutes before slipping back out.

He knew she wasn't far from them, she was not willing to leave Moonglade again with the confrontation that both he and Barkhide had given her. While his more worried about her, wishing for her to come home, D'Arsano Barkhide's was more of a command a parent would give a child. A scornful one, punishing a young one who had misbehaved.

Kanta opened his eyes, the bright look they usually gave off dim with lack of sleep and stress, the winkles and scars in his face showing his age more than ever. And the white that peppered through his dark green hair seemed to have doubled since the beginning of this week.

What am I to do.

What if I lose her.

How will I tell the children?

After all this. Will she try and return to him?

Can he even be brought back?

Everything is falling apart.

Kanta hung his head, pulling his legs up and wrapping his arms around his head as he held tightly. He felt broken and distant from reality, as though he was living in the Nightmare's world once again. As though he would expect the demons of creatures to reveal themselves before he truly woke up, right inside of his bed beside his beloved wife. Where she would awake with him and stroke his hair. The hushed whispers  into his ear that everything would be alright. The soft kiss of her lips to his forehead and then to his lips.

He just wanted to wake up. He wanted her back, he wanted his "normal" life back.


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