[Found folded neatly and slipped into the Justicar’s cloak pocket:]


Dear Justicar


Enclosed is my report for the scouting shift and demon movement patterns in the Antoran Wastes. 


There was an incident I believe needs reporting to you. I’m not… sure what has happened, but I won’t pretend it didn’t. 


It was the last stretch of my watch, atop a spire for visibility and to test our telescoping vision. It’s a sheer drop, reachable only with Blackwald’s help, and I was to call him on the guild stone when I was finished for a pickup. This test was a success and I was making my notes [enclosed] when four wrathguard appeared out of a portal. They didn’t notice me (or if they did, they didn’t care) and threw a demon into a containing circle in the middle. 


I fired and hit the demon square in the side, lower rib area. She was thrown back, but could not leave the circle (some kind of magical restriction) and the arrow clearly hurt. She looked like she was an eredar turned succubus, had a really nice musical voice, almost too nice to be real, ashey grey skin, green eyes, black hair, stubby vestiges of wings on her back. She begged me not to kill her. I was going to anyways, but then it got….


Ma’am, it got kinda odd. 


She said her boss was here because her “song wasn’t sufficient” or something, and begged more- offered sex, whatever I wanted. I think she was a succubus; I could almost feel her, but I think… somehow with my squirrels, I was protected a little. She said her boss only wanted to kill everything because we were going to kill everything if we kept spreading, which is the biggest load I ever heard in my life. I told her we weren’t the invaders here. I was going to fire again but- well, she was helpless, and it’s stupid, but I felt a little bad. She’s evil, I know. She’s a demon. But I never liked killing anything that couldn’t fight back. And she kept bloody talking.


Doesn’t mean I won’t, though- that I wasn’t. I was. That’s nature, and survival, and they’re invaders and monsters and whatall. That’s when she offered me her name for freedom. 


She seemed real cagey about it, but she did offer a “short name” of Annika. I wanted to know if this was good for anything so I asked on the guildstone. 


Then someone by the name of Aunne answered… And she had the exact same voice. 


The exact same, Justicar. I’d swear it not only on my life but Tippi’s and Joey’s and Cindi’s. The EXACT same. 


Neither seemed to know anything about this. The succubus didn’t TECHNICALLY answer, though- she asked me what a guildstone was instead. I thought if she was a security breach, maybe I needed to keep her alive till the warlocks came. Tippi was all for killing her there, and Joey and Cindi too, honestly. I was about to call over the stone for the warlocks when portals opened up behind her. She told us to run. I still didn’t trust her but I and Cindi reacted on instinct. When the wrathguard stepped out, I shot one with my crossbow through the left eye and Cindi fireballed the other three, incinerating them. 


Unfortunately, this had the side effect of smudging the runes that contained the succubus. 


I called Blackwald immediately for a pickup. She broke out of them. She said she owed me. Said there was a debt and there would be more. 


She called me Mistress. I threw up a little in my mouth.


I told her, verbatim, I unequivocally and irrevocably do not want that and reject it but it didn’t seem to do anything. She didn’t seem to care much and smiled at me and flew off. Her wings were all on fire and she streaked away.


And somehow, I can’t help the feeling I’ve been played. 


I hope I’m not… in trouble, somehow, but please tell me if I am. If there are disciplinary measures, I will accept them. I want to state for the record I DO NOT WANT THIS. 


But I wanted you to know, too. Just… just in case. 


I would appreciate pointers in how to deal with this situation in the future as well- how I should have handled it. Shot her immediately? Left, refused to engage? I don’t know. I do know there’s no way this doesn’t come back to bite me in the butt someday. I want to be prepared and have a plan. Yknow.


Just in case. 


-Doryn Greenly + [three inky pawprints on the parchment]
Assistant of Scuiridae + SQUIRREL BOTS
Scouts, Templars of the Rose

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