[Folded paper has sand in the creases here, written in dark pen.]

Re: Vol’dun, the Sethrak, and the Vulpera
FROM: Templar Forward Field Scout Doryn Greenly & SQUIRRELBOTS Tippy, Joey, and Cindy
CC: Zenruid Fateshifter, Fateshifter Industries


Enclosed is my full report of the Sethrak base where the Vulpera slaves are being held. I paid particular attention to targets of interest, exits, entrances, and guard rotations, which I have marked and annotated. This is the culmination of more than a month’s research and spying on the area in question, so it should be thorough enough. 

Tell Eshai I said hi, and that I hadn’t forgotten. Hope she’s doing well. Yes, I’m using the balm, Joey makes me. It still smells. 

Also enclosed is my report for Zenruid Fateshifter regarding the effects of longterm heat exposure on the SQUIRRELBOTS as well as the interplay of N’Zoth’s whispers and the neural implants on myself and the bio-neural circuitry in the SQUIRRELBOTS. Could be promising, boss, but could also be a fluke because of the three way bond and the SPECS.

We are ready to move on the Sethrak whenever the signal is given. I will continue observations until otherwise noted.

-Doryn & Tippy, Joey, and Cindy

[Attached is a very, very detailed report, complete with maps and timetables, of the entire complex, with important details noted and marked. A second report is included for Fateshifter Industries.]

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