Kanta and Anarial had returned to Moonglade after some Traveling. After the Mage Janderius had taken the three back to Ashenvale from the Grizzly Hills, the two hunkered back down in their home. Anarial, having been grounded due to the injuries she had taken in her flank had issues even shapeshifting back to her elven form, but did so after some discomfort and pain, clutching at her side where the arrowheads still remained.

��_Let��_s get those out of you.��_ Kanta said, removing his cloak and hood and tossing them aside as he prepared his medical supplies, a clean knife, bandages, antiseptic and a pair of tweezers. Anarial removed the armor and robe that covered her side and laid back onto table in the kitchen.

��_Is that the best place to do that?��_ Alecks quipped from his studies at the other side of the room, Alumni giving him a bat with a piece of paper.

��_Easier to do on a table than a bed, less blood stains.��_ Kanta responded back with a brief grin before focusing on the subject matter in front of him, first beginning to make small incisions on either side of the arrow wound. ��_Hopefully these are not serrated on the edges��_ ��_ Kanta said, Anarial giving him a glare as he did work to remove the saronite arrowheads from his beloved��_s side.

��_Watch it,��_ She growled a warning as Kanta set down the knife and picked up the tweezers to begin removing the arrow head, and the splintered wood that may have been left inside as well.

��_Doing my best to.��_ He said, a frown moving across his face as he retrieved the first arrowhead from her, realizing the material of the arrow. ��_Saronite��_ Let��_s get these out of you quickly. Alecks, come give me a hand. Alumni, you too. Don��_t touch the arrowheads directly.��_

The twins scrambled to hop to their feet as both the Wildsabre children and their father aided to remove the other two arrow heads. Alecks handed his father the tools and tended to Anarial, while Alumni cleaned and healed the wounds, bandaging her side slowly with each removal.

Anarial was oddly quiet throughout, only adding a moody growl during the more painful moments of extraction. But her hands guided Alumni as the young girl cleaned the wounds and she murmured words of encouragement to Alecks as he dutifully helped his father.

Soon enough, within the hour, the arrowheads were removed and Anarial was patched up, keeping to herself by the window as she held her granddaughter. The young girl at this point being three or four years old now, sleeping soundly against Anarial��_s shoulder. The grandchild having woken up shortly after Kanta and Anarial��_s arrival early that morning, and had fussed until she had seen Anarial. The child��_s mother was elsewhere, studying to reach a new level of arcane magic along with her Highborne husband. The grandchild in Anarial��_s arms gave no hint to her magical future just yet other than wanting to be held by her own flesh and blood.

��_You have been silent for sometime now.��_ Kanta said, sitting down beside his mate and resting a hand gently on her knee. He had tended to his own wounds, which were not as major as Anarial��_s or Janderius��_s had been. ��_Are you stuck inside of your own head?��_

Anarial��_s silver eyes flickered to Kanta��_s as her long brows furrowed.

��_I do not like this path��_ It seems far too familiar.��_

��_Sielic��_s downfall?��_


Kanta sighed, running his opposite hand through his beard as his other remained comforting on her knee. ��_It reminds you of Bairne. His fall, and corruption.��_

She didn��_t respond, nor nod. Her silence was enough for Kanta to realize he was right on the subject matter.

��_We will do all we can to make sure that he does not suffer. We will put his spirit to rest and keep others from being harmed.��_ Kanta said, standing and kissing Anarial on her forehead. ��_Please get some rest when you can, the faster we recover the faster we can do more about this.��_

Anarial nodded but remained restless at the window, the tiny, sleeping child in her arms a stark contrast to her listless waking. Idly, she stroked the child��_s hair and soothed her dreams with a lullaby. 

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