Light, I need to find a way to keep myself occupied. Ambrosine was both twitchy and restless–not a healthy combination. She should probably speak to Arialynn–surely there was…some useful task to put her to, even if she wasn't feeling up to tackling things with the group as a whole yet.

There was still some rust to knock off.

"Ambro, if you don't stop pacing I'm going to sic Rades on you." Jamethera dropped down out of a tree–why the hell was she in a tree–and damn near got punched for it.

"I'm not sure lurking in a tree is really wise given the current mood of the Templars," Ambrosine huffed, settling for tossing a rock at the hunter's head. It was easily dodged.

"It's what I do. They can deal with it." Jamethera rolled her shoulders, then whistled for her cat. "Besides, maybe I'm on the watch out for the perpetrator, or anything else suspicious."

"Yeah-huh. Homesick, Jam?"

"Pbbbbt." That was the only response she mustered as Rades padded up to her. "I'm going to collect Illy, and then go harass some orcs. Want to come?"

"Yes, please." Ambrosine sighed, relieved. There, that would distract her for a bit. "Just let me go get Justice."

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