Rikvi’s report is done in her own, crisp hand–but thoroughly notated by her assistant Ceridwen.

My apologies for the lateness of this report, Commander. I won’t make excuses–we know how I am by now. I had the….pleasure? Of meeting with Maya in the Reach. It wasn’t entirely a random encounter; Raven tugged at my feet that day.

Observation one: there were shadows around her eyes and wrists that I could discern, but that she seemed to take no note of. (Seemed because if she was lying, I would be a poor judge.) The magic was attached to her but it did not seem as if it was her personal spell work. It tasted of something that I would have dug up from the back archives. Old.

Observation two: Maya is very idealistic. There was talk about fixing broken things, after she asked me what I thought of the Reach. [Part is crossed out here with a note from Ceridwen. “What Rikvi thinks of the Reach is not relevant. We already know she thinks it’s too hot.”] Maya mentioned growing up in an alley, and about how many people are–note the wording–lost and desperate. “Things will be set right,” she said. There was talk of a better path. [Rikvi goes on about the danger of this train of thought here. We know. -C]

One question she asked really stuck with me, however, and concerned me deeply. When I mentioned that I studied the Mists, she asked: how hard would it be for someone native to the Mists, to leave them?


Respectfully yours,

-Rikvi Ostenheimer

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