The letter is penned in a crisp and even script, so automatic it seems to have been written by an enchanted pen, or spell itself rather than by hand.


Things are growing worse, and I don't know to who else to turn. I have things managed for now, but I cannot say for how long. Please hurry. I'm beginning to fear being alone with him.


PS: Please don't breathe a word to my father. The last thing he needs is to be worrying about me when this is something we can fix before it goes any further. His head is heavy enough for now.

But please, please hurry.




Note: ((It's really early, but I wanted to get this posted while I had a second. End of the thread we're working on, Mosur has another terribly violent reaction to Saashenka's resisting his advances, leaving her very, very shaken. But she knows that it all has to do with the book, and she's making efforts to get rid of it. …which will not set well with Mosur at all.))

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