Security upgrade proposal


Secrecy level: High TOTR leadership only.


Purpose: Provide Fort Kickass and Westguard security personal with new tools, technology and training to better counter threats facing the Templars of the Rose.


Summary: The types of threats our security personal face can no longer countered by everyday guardsmen. In order to better meet these threats new resources are needed. Fateshifter industries can supply new technologies for a nominal cost, in exchange for gathering test and combat data for use in obtaining Alliance military contracts.


Known threats:

Claret: Ultra powerful warlock, specializing in illusions and fire magic.

Current status: Presumed defeated

Counter measure(s): Anti-illusion googles, fire resistance gear, fire suppression gear


Assassins: Various assassins from various organizations / solo targeting Sage’s family.

Current status: Active

Counter measure(s): Sentry Hovercams, defensive gadgets, decoys


Balance Keepers: Highborne supremacist group, known for using terrorist methods.

Current status: Possible threat

Counter measure(s): (The exact nature of the possible threat is unknown as of this time.)


‘Sielic’: Crazed and or possibly possessed former Templar. Seems to be deliberately targeting support staff, uses a variety of tactics; focuses on psychological warfare and employs advanced technologies including wormhole tech, and explosives. The threat’s exact motives are not yet well understood.

Current status: Active, high level threat

Counter measure(s): Sentry Hovercams, defensive gear, EMP devices, decoys


Elekk Plushie: Ultra high level threat! Clearly super evil! Able to move when unobserved. Possibly has Robin under some form of mental control.

Current status: Active!

Counter measure(s): Fire lots of it!


Upgrade outline:


Already in use:

Anti-illusion googles, fire resistance gear, fire suppression gear


Phase one:

Earliest availably: Currently available

Objective: Provide guards with and training to use current off the shelf gadgets.

Sentry Hovercams: Based off the design of Hovercam Jr, small flying droids with an array of observational tools. Each guard can be equipped with a Sentry Hovercam providing numerous benefits.

Shieldtronic shield: ( Personal Energy shield device.*

Stealthman 54: ( Personal cloaking device.*

Vita-patches: Armband devices capable of monitoring wearer vitals (heart rate, blood pressure, oxygenation levels)*


*Modified to broadcast Com-link alerts upon activation or detection of stress parameters.


Phase two:

Earliest availably: Soon TM

Objective: Use technology to provide decoy targets to confuse and distract threats.

Holo-decoys: Based on an upgraded version of Personal hologram devices ( an attachment to Sentry Hovercams. These devices can be attached to Hovercams to project holographic images of persons.


Phase three:

Earliest availably: Unknown

Objective: Use technology to provide direct counters to specific threats.

EMP devices: Fateshifter industries is currently working on devices based on electro-magnetic pulses that can disable other electronic devices.

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