Cael returns to Greywatch accompanied (read: carried) by Blackwald, with a small head injury, numerous scrapes and bruises, a busted eyebrow, battered armor, and what looks like a slashing dagger strike that skimmed her face, blessedly missed her eyeball, and continued down the dheek. But the edges of it are angry and oozing, and Cael herself is quite sick. 

Shakes and shivers became bone-deep painful aches in her muscles and joints. Lethargy and weakness set in. Headache, a hacking dry cough, terriffically sore throat and runny nose, fever, and dizziness all made things blur together in her tent, as she curled herself miserably tighter under the five blankets Blackwald fetched for her and cursed herself for a fool… 

Even if she couldn’t do anything else, and knew that as well as she knew her own name.

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