Dawnfield has a strong right hook,

A man who makes evil wither with a look,

A formidable foe on any field,

He will never back down, never yield,

Maewood's presence inspires those by her side,

Whether a Templar or a sellsword along for the ride,

Shirking one's duty, she cannot condone,

Catching little sleep to do work of her own,


United at last, a bond we all hope will hold,

These two Paladins, shining with Light of gold,

When they made them both, they surely broke the mold,

Here's to many seasons for them both to grow old.





Oh, Tyrilyna, you're the one for me
I always feel joyful in your company

You made me the happiest I could ever be
When you agreed to be the one married to me

Oh, you look so grand, wild and untamed
Counting the days with me until you are renamed

I love you with all I am, my dear
I'll shout it from the rooftops so that all can hear



Tyrilyna has stood by my side, and I'll stick by hers. I love this wild gal of mine.

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