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A letter arrived and oil burned. Late nights passed, cycling after ceaseless days. The lanterns and torches of the war room burned night and day, the doors revolving around men and women running messages. Finally, letters from the Rose pen emerged, one addressed to the Rose and posted within Westguard and active Rose outposts, and many others sent to countless agencies and allies outside the Rose.

The allied letters were stamped with the official letterhead and golden seal of the Rose and delivered not by anonymous or even trusted courier, but by the Justicar herself in a tireless journey that spanned Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms. Accompanied by a Dalaran magi along with Westguard troopers, the Justicar arrived at each location as portal would allow, close the remaining distance swiftly atop a flying white hippogriff, deliver each message, and the steps began again anew.

The final stop for the Justicar was already frequented many times by guards in the two full days it took to complete the worldwide journey. The Stormwind orphanage matron stood in the doorway as Arialynn Dawnfield landed and approached, the midsection of her white-and-gold tabard creased by the many miles of flying that lay behind her.

“Matron,” the Justicar began, her face set in stone. “I come to you with my deepest apology.” The two women then went inside and the door clamped shut. They spoke privately for many hours.


Within Westguard on the West Wall and active outposts of the Rose, the following letter was posted:


The kill-on-sight order for Sielic Trugan is immediately rescinded. An imposter wearing the Rose’s emblem has taken a number of Stormwind orphanages hostage in unknown location(s) and Trugan is the leading suspect. He is to be taken alive for questioning.

All contracts, negotiations, and requests to outside allies or agencies of the Rose are hereby nulled or notified to warn the Rose immediately of attempted contact by the imposter or any other member of the Rose aside from the Justicar herself.

All security protocols as deemed by Marshal Jarrick Mason are extended and will remain in place until further notice.

All on-duty Templars are ordered to report to the War Room in 24 hours time.


Lightbearer Arialynn Dawnfield

Justicar, Templars of the Rose

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