A worgen witch disaster.

((Partly related to Robin’s Book campaign. Also related to the Mirror campaign.))


Idella slipped through the cracked doorway and secured the latch behind her. Slumping against the door and hair shrouded her face, she steadied herself and breathing for long moments. With shuffling feet, she crossed the space of her small apartment with unsteady steps. Hands shaking, she set a voluminous stack of books atop the table. Again she stood, breathing shallowly, the curls of her hair obscuring her face and hands trembling.


“It wasn’t real,” she murmured to no one, the words only heard by the darkness of the room.


“It wasn’t real,” she repeated, balling her hands into fists.


“It wasn’t real,” her voice cracked as her hands gripped the fabric of the dress at her sides.


Jerking her head up, the motion made even more sudden after standing still for so long, Idella cast a wild look to the door. Her eyes white and widened in fear, every look and breath about her spoke of a sudden intruder bursting through the door and yet… nothing. Only the darkness of the room saw her fear. The door remained locked and unmoving.


“Wasn’t real,” she murmured again, hanging her head again. Shaking, she slowly lowered herself to the floor till her knees hugged her chest.


“Not real.”

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