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Originally written July 22, 2012.

Arialynn awoke, a bright sliver of light beamed the bedroom window. The sliver gently bobbed, shifted, weaved each time a sea breeze tousled the curtain. From the intensity of the light, the morning had longsince passed and noon was poised to arrive. Struck by the late hour and her consequent laziness, the lady knight nearly alighted from bed, but found an arm draped about her middle, holding her in place.


Recognizing the arm and the man who held her, memories of the night before came into mind. She relaxed and closed her eyes, taking in the warmth beside her and the warmth of the light cast from the window. Beside her, she felt the arm tighten to reaffirm its embrace, and the tickling movement of a smile against her collarbone as Taldrus tugged her closer. She shared in his smile with one of her own, and turned till her lips pressed against his forehead.


As she drifted back to sleep, her mind brought forth one last memory: a freshly-penned letter lay on her desk, the writing formal and crisp.


It read:



Myself and Taldrus will be gone a number of days. See to the Rose, I will resume my full duty when I return.

Arialynn Dawnfield


The handwriting of the surname appeared a bit fresher and the letters more curved, as if the writing hand added the word after a moment of thought and took its time with each stroke. Little else could be derived from the writing, except perhaps that it was written with a smile.


The morning ended and the summer afternoon lingered on; the two continued their rest.

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