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(( Related to Kanta’s recent journals. Part 1 is here. ))



The end arrived bloodlessly. For all the flesh split open and red spilled on the rotted jungle floor, her adversary ceased moving with a snap of the neck. Hissing between her own kaldorei teeth, Anarial openly cursed at herself.


“Too soon,” she murmured between less savory words in Darnassian.


Removing her heel from the troll’s collapsed throat, the druidess withdrew. Moments earlier, the two were locked in battle, both adept at their craft and intent to bring their opponent to their knees. The troll caught Anarial by surprise with a swift kick that knocked her off balance. Her angered response sent the troll downward and with her heel lashing at his throat. The resultant snap came as a surprise to them both. The troll’s surprise was forever arrested in his face; a wide-eyed stare into the distance with no light left in his eyes.


Her chest still heaving, the druidess slumped against a nearby tree. Lines of red decorated her, each spilling uneven curtains of blood down her skin. Pausing for breath, she allowed exhaustion to temporarily take her and mind wander.


Fire, screams, betrayal, rain, and finally:




Leaning against the tree, Anarial’s mind wandered, returning to older, darker thoughts. Ahead of her, the corpse of the troll slowly succumbed to the jungle. 

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