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The fire in the hearth cast long shadows against the walls of Arialynn’s quarters. A single candle lit the table where the lady knight stooped over, several books open and surrounding a single blank parchment. Dipping her pen into the ink well, Arialynn set the tip to paper. A few lines later, her pen struck a few words, added others, and so the words danced and battled down the length of the parchment, finally filling it in full.


Leaning back, Arialynn took in her work. Nodding, she carefully creased it in thirds, slipped it into an envelope, and pressed its lips closed with a waxen cross seal. Taking up her pen once more, she added in fine script on the envelope address:


To Nereia & Morgan

A Beginning


Rising, the lady knight slips the envelope into a waiting set of ceremonial armor on a stand by the door. Returning to the table, she clasped her fingers over the candle’s flame, extinguishing its light and letting the orange shadows of the hearth retake the room in full.


((Prelude to tomorrow’s event, Morgan’s Blessing.))

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