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Originally written January 27, 2013.

Their short rest was interrupted by the sound of a tiny hiccup and a cry. Both Arialynn and Taldrus stirred, but the latter was quicker. With a gentle hand, he lifted the waking newborn that lay swaddled in linens between them and comforted its cries. The baby initially quieted at the warm touch and soft voice, but soon began seeking something more as he pressed his face against his father’s chest and resumed fussing.


“He is hungry,” Taldrus spoke softly, one hand resting on Arialynn’s shoulder.


The lady knight nodded and received her son. As she brought him to her chest, he immediately resumed his search and more easily found what he sought. His fusses faded into silence; the only sounds were an occasional murmur or hiccup as he had his fill.


Arialynn herself appeared worn and content to close her eyes as her son fed. Her head inclined till it returned to the soft pillows beneath it. All the while, Taldrus kept close vigil and watched, a hand often straying to touch his wife’s forehead, then his son’s.


No further words were spoken between them. Outside, the sounds of Stormwind in its twilight hours were as hushed as the bedroom where all three rested together in a moment of privacy and quiet.

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