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Originally written April 30, 2012.

In a brief break from the heat of the afternoon Theramore sun, Arialynn Maewood withdrew into the stone keep of Theramore. The stone hallways were cool in incomparison to the humid marsh air, but the lady knight did not linger long.


Though she wore her usual plate armor attire, one detail was changed: in place of a white cape with a golden cross, her cape was silken black, the symbol of mourning.


She drew into the war room, her hand retrieved a pen and wrote several new numbers on a growing ledger. The ledger was headed by a simple phrase: casualty report. Aside the ledger was a second document, its words already written in full, only awaiting the officiate's signature and seal.


It read succinctly, accompanied by the day's date:


Templars of the Rose sunders all martial and diplomatic ties with Tears of Draenor.


 It offered no further explanation, no recipient name, no introduction or declaration. The words stood out plain on the parchment paper, written in Arialynn's own hand.


With a slow intake of breath, the lady knight removed a gauntlet. Setting it aside, she took up a pen and began to write. When the words concluded, she took a candle to a sliver of golden wax, and pressed the molten liquid into the parchment till it dried.


She then added another piece of paper, one that was wrinkled and partially burnt. Its letters were written by a different hand and spoke simply: get out.


Arialynn added it to the final letter, folding it till both occupied the same sealed envelope.


The task complete, Arialynn departed the cool retreat of the keep, and returned to the healing and burial tasks immediately at hand. She remained, mired in the task of blessing and burying the dead; the letter soon departed the isle and traveled much further, quickly spiriting to its end location by goblin courier.

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