There is going to be a big mishun sune wen we will dres as imps and atak a reepublik plase to find informashin abowt Mister Salt. I asked him abowt Missus Peper like Mister Halonin told me ro. No one seemed to noe hoo shee is. I think Mister Halonin got the name rong but I didnt have time to ask.  Viessa and I arnt going on the mishun bekuze there will be to meny jedie. Miss Bedisa will be with us to. We praktised the flying simulatrer. Viessa is amazing of corse. I krashed a lot. Flying is easy if sumwun shows me wat to doo but its hard wen Misus Captin Jakie chayngis the patern. Viessa says that flying a reel ship is. ezier. Maebe I shood praktise on the ship Viessa tuk. She did seem much beter afterwords. 

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