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(( The following are two encrypted messages sent to their recipients. This is from my SWTOR agent, Tevaria. ))

Lord Averous Crane,

My Lord Ishya has reviewed your dossier and requests direct audience with you at your soonest convenience. Please respond with your availability. We will provide any travel arrangements as needed.

Agent Tevaria


Lord Brembal,

My Lord Ishya has placed me on an assignment vital to our mutual mission and I will be absent for an anticipated one week’s time. However, I have placed capable lieutenants in my stead who will run all current operations to the utmost efficiency. They will not be disappointments and have been thoroughly trained for such an occasion.

I regret only the abrupt nature of my reassignment but My Lord Ishya conveys her continued eagerness for our alliance and that she will continue loaning my services once the assignment is completed.

Agent Tevaria

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