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(( OOC: The following is for my SWTOR character, Captain “Jackie” Rees following the recent Esseles run. This is a holo captain’s log. ))



The holo opens with Jacqueline lounging in a chair, a glass in one hand and chin atop an arm propped on the elbow of her pilot’s chair.


“Getting formalities out of the way: Captain’s Log Number 375, day 843 since launch. Location Coruscant. That was a bigger deal than usual.”


Jackie leans back in her chair, idly swirling her drink in one hand as she smirks.


“I told See-Two to never let me fly coach again. It gives a nice and low profile but then you get the hassle of other people’s problems. Ended up in a spitting match between the Empire and Republic. No one had the sense to use the escape pods even with an angry Grand Moff involved. Sad to report that this Moff now has a face to this humble captain and won’t be long till they connect it to all those bounties the Empire pinned on me. I give it core-world week before new bounty hunters start chasing my tail. Bad for business but I don’t mind pissing off the right people.”


Taking a drink, Jackie leans forward in her swiveling chair. 


“One good thing came of all this. Picked up two Jedi and a soldier on the shuttle to Coruscant. I peg the youngest Jedi no more than seventeen and she’s barely a nugget. The other is older and a lot more… let’s say pliable. The soldier is my kind of soldier and twice my size, to boot. I meet too many soldiers with scruples and this one just might have none. Same with that hooded Jedi. Maybe they liked my charm or my shooting, but they’re sticking around for now. It’ll be good to have extra muscle when the bounty hunters come disintegrating first, asking questions later. Need to keep an eye on Nugget, though. She likes yelling as much as waving her saber. It makes a good target for getting shot at.”


After a swig of her drink, Jackie adds: 


“Business on Coruscant went smooth after I convinced them I was late because the great Scorekeeper gave me an Imperial cruiser to gloriously shoot at. I didn’t mention the part about the cruiser doing most of the shooting and that it shot first. Still, Trandoshans are one of maybe two species that love cutting deals with murderers. The more murderous, the happier they are to do business. That pair will definitely be repeat customers. I better have a story that tops this last time else I won’t get the same discount.”


“Captain out.”

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