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(( OOC: The following is for my SWTOR character, Captain “Jackie” Rees following the recent Hammer Station and Athiss runs. This is a holo captain’s log. ))



The holo begins with Jacqueline leaning forward in the captain’s chair, her quintessential glass in one hand and the other propping up her chin. She appears and sounds halfway between pensive and annoyed.


“I’d forgotten what it’s like to have Jedi on board. They bring a lot of rules and hang ups. When you don’t play by the same rules, you end up with blasters and sabers out of their holsters.”


Swirling the glass in one hand, Jackie leans back.


“There’s currently a crate of Jedi relics holed up in the cargo bay, or maybe I should call them Sith relics. They have a nasty habit of turning perfectly normal people into Force zealots. I had Corso rig the doors to jettison the bay if someone other than me tries to open them. Last thing we need is homegrown crazies right here on our ship. All other cargo is secured. No use in losing our income if someone decides to break in.”


“We’re en route to Tython for a drop off. This will make us run late on all other deliveries but like Sithspawn I’m going to hold onto those things longer than necessary. The little kid of the Jedi duo pulled her saber on us after ten minutes of staring at those relics. She’s in her bunk now, crying enough to fill the Kolto tank.”


She takes a swig of her drink.


“Making note that my usual policy of not dabbling in Jedi-Sith junk was a good one. It’s all fun and speeder games to hang with a Jedi till they turn on you. I’ll need a damn good reason to keep breaking this policy and keeping Jedi on this ship else blasters and sabers will point at each other more often.”


There’s a sudden trill and beep coming from the console. Leaning forward, Jackie punches a button and murmurs to a holo just barely offscreen. Shutting it off, she turns back to the holocamera.


“We’re docking with the Tython spaceport in sixty galactic minutes. Time to run the usual checklist and hit the refresher so I look nice and presentable to high-ranking Jedi. Captain out.”

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