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(( OOC: The following is for my SWTOR character, Captain “Jackie” Rees following the recent Hammer Station and Athiss runs and Log 376. This is a holo captain’s log. ))



The holo begins with Jacqueline sitting in her captan’s chair, her attire more formal than the previous holo. There’s no trademark glass in her hand.


“Tython drop-off complete. This is my first delivery to Tython. Well, scratch that — this is my first sanctioned Tython delivery. It’s easier to find a ‘secret’ Core World than most would think. And on that note, now that I said that out loud, I’ll remind my slicer to cut out that part of the holo.”


Chuckling, Jackie stretches till her hands fold behind her head. She resumes:


“Tython drop-off complete. This is my first delivery to Tython. It’s nice to see another Core World. In my line of business, you don’t get too many runs in the Deep Core. There are so many Republic patrols that there’s no smuggler who doesn’t fly here without looking over their shoulder. It’s nice to do a sanctioned run with the blessing of the Jedi for a change.”


Leaning forward, Jackie appears more terse.


“Those damned artifacts are offloaded and gone. I don’t know what the Jedi plan with them but they’re not my problem anymore. The original plan to sell off a few trinkets to Nar Shadda and collectors on Alderaan ended quickly when the kid drew her saber. Luckily her master bought the whole lot. This trip paid for itself. The crew is fed and fuel tank full for another week.”


A hand comes to rub just beneath Jackie’s chin.


“We’ll need to step up our game if we’re going to make more Core runs. No more small-time jobs on the Outer Rim. I’ll talk with Acele and Corso about outfitting this rig for more action. This operation is about to get a whole lot fancier.”


“Captain out.”

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