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(( OOC: The following is for my SWTOR character, Captain “Jackie” Rees following the recent Mandalorian Raiders run. This is a holo captain’s log. ))



The holo begins with Jackie casually holding a blaster and running a cleaning cloth along the barrel. The power pack is removed.


“Working as a legal privateer for the Republic continues to have its perks. We picked up two new members of the crew, an engineer and a medic. It was nice to have my arm patched up while we butted heads with some Mandalorians. Took care of those, by the way. We’re lucky to have this galaxy so full of crazies. It keeps the credits flowing.”


“The engineer is a sharp one. If we spent more time aboard the Mandalorian ship, she probably would have stripped half the consoles. Smart ones are hard to come by and usually fetch a much higher price. I should keep an eye on that one. Still, those spare parts will do nicely to patch up our ship and sell the scraps. We have two new mouths to bunk and feed, after all.”


Leaning back in her captain’s chair, Jackie removes the sight from the blaster and briefing peers into it.


“The medic is the quiet, stoic type and built like Reek. When he showed up for the job, I didn’t expect him to the largest member of the crew. I’ll have to see what his people skills are like. It’d be nice to have someone like him standing behind you during… ‘difficult’ negotiations.”


Apparently finding the sight to her liking, Jackie clicks it back into place and continues cleaning the blaster.


“This is turning into a more respectable operation now. With two Jedi on board and all niches filled, now it’s time to take on a few larger contracts. It all sits well with me. The longer we can stay in the Core without bounty hunters sniffing, the better.”


“Ah, that reminds me. The admirer left a few holomessages today. They call quite frequently. If they keep this up, I may need to pay a visit or send a…” Jackie smiles before she continues: “Representative.”


“Final note: Find out more about Darth ‘Mashface’. The usual: List of enemies and list of allies. Being a Sith, I doubt the second list will be very long. They’re trustworthy that way.”


“Captain out.”

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