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(( OOC: The following is for my SWTOR character, Captain �Jackie� Rees following the recent in-game RP. This is a holo captain�s log. ))

The holo opens with Jacqueline pensively swirling a glass of whiskey in one hand. She’s sitting in her quintessential captain’s chair, her eyes trained on the swirl of liquid in the glass. Her tone is likewise pensive but there’s an edge to it.

“Finally finished installing the failsafes. Took longer than expected but a rush job is a bad job. Timing couldn’t have been better. There’s no worse time to install upgrades than when every bunk is occupied. Gunstar just isn’t big enough to shuffle people around while you pry open half the hull.”

The captain pauses to drink.

“The nugget is having second thoughts. It was only a matter of time considering she’s lived such a sheltered life. Come to think of it, our forays were probably the first few times she flew off Tython. The Council is doing its job injecting the proper amount of guilt directly into her brain. It’s consequences like this you should always expect when you invite Jedi on your ship. You don’t have morality crises with most mercenaries. Even most Republic soldiers have worked out how messed up the galaxy is by the time they’re trained and shipped off Coruscant.”

She pauses to watch the swirl of whiskey.

“She’ll work it out. She’ll have to if she wants to stay. If the galaxy was as simple as she hopes it could be, I’d have an easier time finding jobs that don’t make me retch.” 

“Speaking of, the Outer Rim is calling again. Some of the old clients are calling, wondering where we’ve been. The pay is good but picking up those jobs means leaving the Jedi home. Unless the nugget is really ready to see how the rest of the galaxy operates…”

Jacqueline shakes her head, chuckling.

“They can wait. It isn’t bad to say you’re in demand. It’s a good way to jack up your prices. Ship to keep, mouths to feed. The galaxy is a cold place.”

“Captain out.”

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