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(( OOC: The following is for my SWTOR character, Captain �Jackie� Rees following the recent in-game RP. This is a holo captain�s log. This journal follows the events of the 11/16 SWTOR Night. ))

The holo opens with Jacqueline in a new set of armor. Notably, it’s more rugged and padded than the last. She’s lounging in her chair, talking to the ship’s ceiling.

“New member of the crew. Another Jedi. They’re the in crowd these days. At a glance, people must think we’re our own little Jedi order. Only a handful of us have nothing but our wits and blasters to get through the cycle.”

The captain pauses to fold her hands behind her head. She leans back further.

“He’s a curious one. Didn’t strike me as too far from the Jedi mold till we got to Raider’s Cove. It’s not every day a Jedi gives you the guided tour. Pried into that interesting bit of backstory. Turns out he was there running errands for a scientist. He didn’t say if it was the ‘mad’ variety, but as most scientists go…”

Jacqueline chuckles.

“Nugget was late to rendezvous. She’s not the best navigator. Note to self: Adjust Nugget’s navcomputer. I’ll find a way to put it on easy mode so she doesn’t end up confused and stuck on Balmorra next time.”

Crossing one leg atop the other, she swivels back and forth in her chair.

“We make a nice living out of these Core jobs. Thing is, the Outer Rim is nothing but crazies. It’s the norm. Finding them is like swatting a Killik hive. There’s always more. Life is easier to just avoid the crazies or offer a shake in one hand and blaster in the other. But here in the Core, one cultist or Mandalorian puts the whole quadrant in a panic. Jobs are easy to come by with a jumpy populace.”

The captain stops swiveling in her chair.

“Nugget reported that there’s a gathering in Wild Space. I patched into the HoloNet rumors after we arrived back at the Fleet. Confirmed. There’s some kind of buzz happening out there. Didn’t think the wilds would call back so soon. Hopefully we won’t bump into familiar faces.”

With a sigh, Jacqueline folds her hands over her lap and shakes her head.

“First things first, cashing in these credits for a paint job. If we’re going that far out, don’t want the wrong people recognizing this old hull. Hell, I’ll paint some of our kills on the side. Inspire the crew. Captain out.”

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