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(( OOC: The following is for my SWTOR character, Captain �Jackie� Rees. It’s a holo captain’s log. ))

The holo begins with Jackie stooped forward in her captain’s chair, working on the disassembled pieces of her blaster. She occasionally reaches outside the holo’s capture, picking up pieces that are presumably laying on the nearby console.

“Nugget is getting better. Keeping her with the Jedi Master seems to be the best way to keep her focused on the missions. She still takes risks but that’s youth for you. We all were young and stupid. It’s interesting to see how the Jedi handle youth, though. Their Code doesn’t leave much room for experimentation.”

Screwing the blaster barrel in place, Jackie levels the sights directly on the holorecorder, winking one eye shut as she examines the alignment.

“Getting the holocalls again. They come anytime I leave my holofrequency unchanged for about seven cycles. Looks like they hired a top-notch slicer to chase after me. Fortunately, our jobs keep us hopping from planet to planet, and hell if they’d chase me into Core Space.”

Lowering the blaster, Jackie adjusts the barrel and checks the sights again.

“Still, our jobs keep taking us to the Rim. And the HoloNet gossip is still buzzing about that gathering in Wild Space. Gunstar has a fancy new paint job and its beacon has been replaced. We’re just a humble mining cruiser now to anyone’s scanners. It won’t keep the low-life scavengers off our tail but the big leagues won’t bother us. They want the fancier hauls. Amateurs.”

Jackie clicks a carbine into the blaster pack and thumbs the power switch.

“Need to finally start working on that contingency plan if all this goes to hell. Even the Jedi have their limits. Captain out.”

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