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(( OOC: The following is for my SWTOR character, Captain �Jackie� Rees. It’s a holo captain’s log. ))

The holo opens without Jacqueline in its capture. Her voice can be heard along with the sound of footsteps clanking on metal. As the footsteps draw closer, so does her voice.

“Heeey there, sonuvabitch who just sliced my comm. Didn’t think I’d notice?”

Jacqueline comes into view. She bends forward, her face close to the lens. Smiling cheerfully, she waves.

“They didn’t tell you about the security measures, did they? Whoop — did your lights just go out? Oh, what’s this?”

A beep sounds on the console behind her. Jacqueline turns to tap the console, her eyes scanning a sudden flood of data streaming in.

“Look at that,” she muses aloud. “Coords, holo logs… ah, look. Alderaan. Nice. Accepting night jobs when the nobles are in bed? Mm, what’s that? Oh, a nice, nice, transfer of credits in the last week. You should really make your slices a one-way hyperlane, kiddo. You’re an open file.”

She draws close to the screen again.

“I’ll take those credits, thank you,” Jacqueline taps her console. “Oh, and if they contact you again, pass them a message for me, will you?” Her smile fades, revealing a deep seriousness along with the dropped octave of her voice. “Back. Off.”

“Oh, and one thing,” she adds, her tone lighter. She leans back in her chair, folding her hands behind her head. “You have three, maybe four minutes till the authorities show up. I’m sure whatever noble you should be working for won’t pay bail. Be nice and maybe I will. I’ll be in touch.” Her hand jabs the console offscreen and the holo recording switches off.

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