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(( OOC: The following is for my SWTOR character, Captain �Jackie� Rees. It’s a holo captain’s log. ))

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The holo begins with Jacqueline stewing in her captain’s chair, a one-quarter full whiskey bottle lingering in the frame. Her hands are folded together and set beneath her chin, her posture stooped and leaning forward. A foot taps irritably, both its sight and sound caught by the holorecording.

“Weird developments. A good friend shows up after five years. I thought he was dead from the Eternal Empire. He was just the type to get himself thrown into the front lines of that mess. Shows up tonight hale as ever looking for a bunk and with a mystery about what happened to him. Dug into some ‘Pub files and found things that make no sense. Or maybe make a little too much sense if you think about it in the worst way.”

“Long story short, going to do some risky stuff. And I’m not talking slicing into ‘Pub medical files. That damage is done. I mean going into places that tuck away the back ups of back ups. Where all data goes to disappear for us lowly civvies but stay in the hands of the real ‘bigwigs.’ Not the ones Shadow keeps teasing about,” Pulling her hands apart, Jackie leans against a hand propped against an arm of her pilot’s chair, looking no less stewed in her thoughts.

“It’ll be one hell of a thing to toss the crew into now that things are just getting started.” That note hangs a moment before she smirks. “Small team. Covert and experienced only. No Jedi, just in case on-facility Jedi are around. Recruit with the following tagline: ‘So just how much do you hate Saresh and what to stick it to her and her cronies?’ …What, too obvious? Heh,” she pours a glass from the whiskey bottle. “I’m really am a shit patriot.”

Sipping the glass, she leans back in the chair. “Been a while since I planned an op like this. It’ll feel like the old days. May need to get in touch with some old friends,” a shadow flickers in her gaze. “Yeah, no. Will need a good proxy for that. Some friendships need to stay buried. Lucky, I got just the one in mind.”

Swirling the glass, she appears to amuse herself with circling the whiskey just high enough around the rim of the glass without spilling. “Pretty sure Soult’s appearance is going to start up some questions. Figures the one guy in the galaxy that didn’t flirt back would be the one to show up again. It’s never the ones you want that stick around,” taking a drink, she muses: “Those days were a thrill, weren’t they?”

Setting the drink on the dash right above the holo camera, Jackie leans forward again. “Too revved up to sleep tonight. Also still on the galactic schedule. Haven’t spent enough time planetside to get shut eye when natives do. Figure I’ll let Soult sleep and give him the bad news tomorrow. Guy looked like a wreck. In the meantime, his job around here is combat medic along with another new recruit, Hamett. They’ll get along like oil and water, I can already tell,” she grins.

“Other updates: Nugget and Shadow started pilot training. Both of them are half-decent in the cockpit. Nugget is still terrified she’ll blow something up and Shadow turned out to be a bit of a walking holorecorder. Mimicked my every move perfectly. Time to up the difficulty a bit and see how they both do. They’ll be pilots yet.”

“More updates: New crew settling in nicely. We have a good mix of soldiers, hot shots, and Jedi. Acele is back and man, I needed another woman in my life. Been taking time to get to know the crew one-by-one. Need to step that up now that we’re starting up real missions. A real crew has each other’s backs. Need this one working together like Killiks and that creepy membrosia they make. “

“Oh, speaking of, Halonan is still eyeing mine like a hungry Akk dog. Not the first time I’ve been eyed like a piece of meat. Been to one end of this galaxy to the other and beyond. You get an earful of stupid. Hopefully he’ll get over his crush. Since his father took his money and he’s now a working slob like the rest of us, maybe he’ll earn himself a new personality. Or get shot in the balls. I’m good either way.”

“Heh, now I’m just grousing. All done. This is Captain Jackie, signing off. This captain’s getting back to the grind.”

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